Appointed by Governor DeSantis

At a recent Sarasota County Commission meeting, I made it a priority to determine where the county’s money really goes in providing 2-1-1 services.

In Sarasota County, United Way receives 2-1-1 calls, or requests for help navigating a maze of health and human services resources.

The organization then provides callers with referrals to community organizations or agencies who can help with the caller’s needs.

However, there has been a disturbing lack of transparency regarding the organizations United Way refers to.

So on March 19, I asked a direct question: Does 2-1-1 refer to Planned Parenthood?

And eventually, I received a direct answer: Yes, it does.

Sarasota County residents deserve to know whether their tax dollars are being used to fund abortions or not–and we deserve a voice in this matter.

Now that the truth has been uncovered, Sarasota County can reconsider its support of United Way–or require it to stop making referrals to Planned Parenthood.

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